Established in 1991 by the Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA), PhilRights serves as the research and information center of the alliance. We are an associated NGO of the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI) and carry a special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC).

“No cause is more worthy than the cause of human rights…they are what makes [one] human. Deny them and you deny [one’s] humanity.” – Jose W. Diokno


Our work is focused on ushering in a society where each individual is able to fully realize one’s potential as a human person, to participate effectively in the economic, political and cultural life, and to share equitably in the benefits of economic progress.

As a service institution for the Filipino people, we aim to:

  • Deepen awareness, knowledge, and understanding about human rights conditions, issues, and mechanisms;
  • Work for a dynamic human rights movement that is able to mobilize sectors and
    groups for timely and effective intervention in the promotion and defense of human
    rights by making available human rights knowledge and tools in information
    handling and dissemination
  • Help ensure state compliance with its human rights obligations through active
    monitoring and engagement;
  • Strengthen cooperation and partnership with local and international networks in the
    conduct of human rights activities through lively exchange and sharing of
    information; and
  • Enhance capability of organizations and communities in the promotion and defense of human rights through education and training on research, advocacy and information handling and dissemination.
  • Initiate and facilitate access to human rights intervention and support for families and communities whose rights are systematically violated or denied

Over the years, we have produced a wealth of information resources covering a wide array of human rights issues in order to expand and deepen understanding of human rights, mainstream the rights-based approach to development, and promote a human rights culture.

Our research agenda is shaped by the needs and concerns of the human rights community. As a rule, we believe that research should address real world concerns. We have produced studies on terrorism, child soldiers, the death penalty, urban and rural poverty, the election agenda and other pressing human rights issues. We also track trends and issues in order to produce situationers and reports on the Philippine human rights landscape.

Our education and training program aims to raise people’s capabilities and competencies on human rights concepts, principles and approaches, expand people’s understanding and appreciation of various human rights issues, and sharpen the analysis of human rights of organizations, communities, schools and basic sectors.

We are also strengthening our commitment towards monitoring the human rights situation and documenting cases of human rights violations while raising the capacities of fellow key actors in human rights monitoring and documentation work. We aim to do this by leading the development of a standardized monitoring and documentation system, developing and popularizing a human rights reporting tool, conducting capacity-building activities, and popularizing the data generated from monitoring and documentation work.

We also provide and facilitate access to immediate and long-term support and interventions to victims and families of victims of human rights violations. We see this as a critical complement to our monitoring and documentation program.