Research & Publications

Human Rights Forum

Human Rights Forum was a quarterly print magazine tackling burning human rights issues and concerns with a special focus on Economic, Social and Cultural (ESC) Rights. The publication ran from 1991 to 2011. Download the full issues here.

Under the Sharp Lens

This two-part publication discusses the important role of M&D in the promotion and protection of human rights (Book I) and reports on M&D efforts in communities threatened by large-scale mining activities (Book II).

Restorative Justice

This book is an initial effort by PhilRights, together with the Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC), People’s Initiative for Learning and Community Development (PILCD) and the Institute of Bangsamoro Studies (IBS), to explore the rudimentary bases of restorative justice in the age-old practices of Filipino indigenous peoples as well as in the existing laws (albeit few) of the land. The idea is to cull from the wisdom of indigenous modes of conflict- and dispute-management and from the few existing formal laws rich lessons that could help reorient the country’s judicial and punishment regimes. Published 2006.

Invisible Realities

Combining quantitative and qualitative modes of inquiry, this study looks into the world of women who have been marked for death. It offers new ways of understanding the circumstances of women in prison, specifically the women on death row, from a gender and rights-based perspective. Its aim is to derive from the women’s life stories conceptual handles with which to engage and interrogate the flaws in the country’s justice and penal systems. As an alternative to the retributive nature of the existing punishment regime, it offers Restorative Justice as a more effective response to crime and criminality. Published 2006.

In Focus Print Editions

inFocus was a human rights situationer published regularly from 2005 to 2012 that provided in-depth analysis of contemporary human rights issues that affect Philippine society, specifically on civil/political rights and ESC rights. Download the full issues here.

Living in the Margins

Living in the margins presents the results of a pilot study conducted by PhilRights in an urban poor community and a rural barangay. The study looks into the state of economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights of the residents of the two focus communities, specifically on the rights to work, food, health, housing and education, and how the State has complied with its obligations under international human rights instruments like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). Published 2010.

Deadly Playgrounds

This publication is the product of a three-year nationwide study on the phenomenon of children’s involvement in armed conflict in the Philippines. The first part of the report looks at the history and context of child soldiers at the global and national levels and traces children’s involvement in armed conflict in the Philippines since the colonial era. The second part of the book presents the highlights of the research findings. Published 2005.

A Human Rights Critique

This publication presents the various debates and issues arising from the then-proposed anti-terrorism bill in the Philippines and attempts to analyze the human rights implications of such a legislative measure. The publication’s key position is that the foremost consideration in combating terrorism should be on protecting human lives and providing the citizens security in their daily lives, without compromising and reducing the enjoyment of their rights. Published 2006.

Concluding Observations on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

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Human Rights Learning Modules

Teaching Human Rights and Peace

This resource material aims to increase and deepen the knowledge and understanding on human rights and peace particularly in the context of the history and situation in Mindanao. Specifically designed for secondary public school teachers, the material is nonetheless useful for all teachers, community organizers and popular educators, and human rights and peace defenders. Published 2010.

Karapatang Pantao at Pagmimina

The training module is a Filipino-language resource divided into seven parts which address the state of mining in the Philippines, concepts and principles of human rights and the Rights-Based Approach (RBA), protective mechanisms and remedies on human rights violations, data gathering and methods of documentation, community monitoring and documentation system, and human rights advocacy. While closely interrelated, these modules may be utilized on their own. Second edition, published 2012.

On Integrating Human Rights and Peace in Secondary Education

This training of trainers guidebook aims to enhance the capabilities of high school educators and school administrators in integrating and mainstreaming peace and human rights in the school environment. It consists of eleven (11) modules which follow the ADIDS (Activity-Discussion-Input-Deepening-Synthesis) format. Published 2006.

Training on Your Rights

This resource material is a set of four modules aimed to equip people, especially at the grassroots, with the skills to monitor the realization or abuse of their rights. Monitoring tools are also included to help users document the extent of fulfillment of – or deficiency in – their ESC Rights. Published 2006.