To help institutionalize Human Rights and Peace in the public school system, and thereby contribute to the building of a human rights culture, PhilRights is providing modules and training workshops among public high school teachers. These education activities will ensure effective training methodologies and raise the capability of teachers in integrating HR and Peace in the various subject areas in the secondary school curriculum. To ensure that teacher-trainees are constantly updated on HR and Peace concepts and issues, PhilRights periodically provides them with education and information materials.

Teachers exert lasting influence in the shaping of children’s consciousness. In the communites, teachers are respected opinion leaders. When they themselves become advocates of peace and human rights, a multiplier effect will be felt in the schools and communities.

Those who participated in PhilRights’ trainings said they learned how to seamlessly integrate HR and Peace into the various subject areas like Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, English and Filipino. They learned how to do this in a creative and meaningful manner. This is significant because most of the teachers had already participated in a number of HR integration trainings but were still confused as to how to do integration. They had the mistaken notion of HR as a separate domain of discussion, distinct from the subject areas of Science, Chemistry, Biology, English, etc. which they teach.