News – Country: France – Theme: Child Labour

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Competitiveness Council – research and innovation

Higher education experts seek to improve sustainability, efficiency and equity

“Education systems in the EU do not meet the requirements of the labour market”

OECD’s first Skills Outlook was released 8 October

Euro area unemployment rate at 12.0% EU28 at 10.9%

The new Erasmus+ programme will boost higher education staff mobility from 2014. But what is staff mobility?

Cedefop celebrates study visits success, looks forward to Erasmus+

EU regulation: Production and development of statistics on education and lifelong learning, as regards statistics on education and training systems

Still much room to improve the European semester, say MEPs

Council discusses cohesion policy package 2014-2020

Minister Pavalkis: Strengthening research ties will lead us to closer involvement with Eastern Partnership countries

The future of the Economic and Monetary Union: Commission proposes ideas to deepen social integration

European Commission and Member States to assess barriers restricting access to regulated professions

EP study: Common European Framework for Languages in European Education Systems

Troubled Greece prepares for spartan EU presidency

CEDEFOP publication: Vocational education and training in Lithuania

US ‘shutdown’ puts transatlantic trade talks on ice


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