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Hello and welcome to Blogging Rights, PhilRights’ official blog!

For our first post, we want to take the opportunity to introduce the revamped Starting today, you will see regular content about the most important human rights issues and concerns in the country and beyond. Here’s what you can expect:

Blogging Rights

Hey, you’re already here! Blogging Rights is home to short form updates that you can consume in five minutes or less. We know you’re busy, but we also know that you want to remain informed about human rights. Expect posts to give you quick but insightful updates on what’s going on, imbued with a perspective gained from more than two decades of experience on human rights work.

What’s to come: This week, we interrogate the government’s theme for this year’s National Children’s Month Commemoration, which, wait for it… is “Bata: Iligtas sa Droga!”


If in-depth is more your speed, then inFOCUS should be your weekly long read. We are bringing the storied tradition of our long-running In Focus and HR Forum publications to the digital age with this long-form section. We don’t believe in being reactive; we want to set the agenda, provoke discussion, and raise awareness of little-understood facets of the fight for human rights. (We also believe in the use of the Oxford comma.) Here you’ll find special reports, incisive commentary, situation updates, investigative pieces and even creative nonfiction and other narrative experiments. Our goal is to get you to think, and think deeply. And if you’re up for the challenge, help us by contributing.

What’s to come: Part 1 of our in-depth look at how our tax money is funding the so-called war on drugs


Fake news abounds. Let us help you wade through this morass of harmful inanity through a weekly dose of human rights news and commentary. Every Friday, inSIGHTS will provide you with a human rights perspective on the news. Have a tip? Found a misleading news item you want clarified? Let us know.

EJK Watch

The ongoing “war on drugs” is deadly, and it is wreaking havoc on the most marginalized – depriving them of their basic rights and perpetuating a culture of impunity that is affecting us all. Beyond the death toll, however, the impact of these kill policies is far-ranging. As you fight to stop EJKs, you need to be armed with the right information. EJK Watch is just that: A regularly updated series of explainers on the many facets of this deadly drug “war.” Join us and help spread the word.

What’s to come: Visual explainers on our Bill of Rights plus monthly updates on how these kill policies are impacting our communities.


We combined the old Multimedia and Resources sections into a supercharged Learn section. You are encouraged to go deep and download previous print issues of our HR Forum and In Focus publications, as well as our books, primers, human rights learning modules, and our curated list of human rights treaties and instruments. You can also watch PhilRights-produced videos!

Get Involved

The fight to #CLAIMandDEFEND our human rights is in need of people like you. Get Involved lists all of the ways you can help. We offer volunteering and mentoring opportunities, so send us a message if you want boots-on-the-ground experience in human rights work. You can also help us document and monitor human rights violations by alerting us if you have verifiable information on human rights abuses.  If writing and art are more your thing, you can contribute stories or artwork for inFOCUS. You might even want us to visit your school, organization, parish or community by requesting a human rights education session.

We’re just beginning. Let us know in the comments what else you want to see on the site. And don’t forget to add us on your social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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