Academy Award nominated actor, environmentalist and WWF Board member Leonardo DiCaprio was presented with a prestigious Clinton Global Citizen Award for philanthropy on Sunday, September 21st. WWF CEO Carter Roberts presented the award to DiCaprio in honor of his extensive conservation efforts. “Now more than ever nature needs a voice,” said Roberts. “Leonardo DiCaprio is that voice.”

On Tuesday, DiCaprio addressed global leaders at the UN as an official United Nations Ambassador for Peace, calling on governments to take immediate action on climate change.

WWF’s Carter Roberts introduction for Leonardo DiCaprio at the Clinton Global Citizen Awards:

In just four decades, the populations of animals on Earth have fallen by an average of 52 percent. That’s half of the mammals. Half of the birds. Half of the fish, amphibians, and reptiles, vanished.

The carbon in our atmosphere is at levels not seen in more than a million years. And more than 60% of the “services” provided by our forests and our seas, are in decline.

We are exhausting our planet’s ability to support you and to support me.

Now, more than ever, nature needs a voice. Leonardo DiCaprio is that voice.

Waking us up, to stand up, for the future of this planet, our home. This is a man determined to use his platform and resources to make a difference. A man determined to understand the science and the situation on the ground to inform everything he does.

We live In the midst of a global poaching epidemic. We’re grateful that Hillary and Chelsea and the Clinton Global Initiative are playing such a critical role. In the face of such challenges, the world needs hope,

And I’m pleased to announce that Nepal, with Leo’s help, just celebrated a second year with zero poaching of tigers, of rhinos and of elephants. Nepal tripled its population of tigers in Bardia National Park, bringing forests back to life, restoring streams, and bringing new wealth and new health to local communities.

His commitment to protecting our oceans is equally profound. Working with the Oceans 5 initiative, he is helping to establish marine reserves in some of the most vulnerable waters on Earth.

His passion is boundless. You have to see Leo in action.

He can talk eloquently about the extinction of the Thylacine, and then pivot to a precise accounting of the immense economic value to you and to me of intact forests, rivers, oceans and climate.
He uses social media to move mountains and he makes the complex, simple;

And he’s convinced many others to act and to invest their financial capital to protect our natural capital. His voice has inspired a chorus of unprecedented commitments to protect the future of this planet.

For that, Leo, we honor you with the Clinton Global Citizen Award for Philanthropy.

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