In response to President Obama’s remarks at the United Nations Climate Summit, Carter Roberts, president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement:

“The voices of the 400,000 people demanding action at the People’s Climate March on Sunday have echoed all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Today, President Obama recognized that leaders have the responsibility to answer that call.

“Most importantly, the President for the first time personally committed to develop a ‘robust’ post-2020 emissions reduction target and help secure a strong climate agreement in Paris in 2015. To meet its ‘special responsibility to lead’, the US must make the ambition of its target match the scale of the problem.

“As the President made clear, US interests and investments are vulnerable both at home and abroad. The President rightly committed to ensure all US foreign aid will support resilience to climate change impacts. Now, he must provide clear support to the Green Climate Fund, helping those most vulnerable prepare for an uncertain future.

“All eyes now turn to the world’s leaders to see what kinds of targets they put on the table next spring. Given the voices of this week and the urgency of the crisis we face, we need all our leaders to act. Because so many will take their cue from the US, we particularly need President Obama to deliver targets commensurate with the challenges we face.”

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